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Pete loves porter. Last year we announced our second beer ever (commercially available) at craft beer rising, PITCH, a 4.8% black ale. We assume the launch went well and we had a great time because all the beer was gone by the end of the festival, and we don’t really remember much of what happened after 6pm on each day.

Last year we only brewed 20HL of PITCH so there were about 60 kegs kicking around during the cold months of last year.

When we moved into our taproom/warehouse next to Netil house last August (find us here x), it didnt take us more than a month before we met the Sandows boys, Luke and Hugh. They make bangin’ cold brew and you can even buy it in flask format if you wanna experience how it feels to be judged as an alcoholic before 10am by passers by. Being both in the drinks industry and both alcoholics, we knew it was love at first sight.

After conning them into bringing us cold-brew on the promise that we would deliver them some free beer in exchange, we started to stock Sandows cold brew in the bar. The only problem is its so damn good that we all drink it all the time. (We’ve still never given them any beer, because we’re just gangster like that).

Siggy is our now veteran Norwegian bar-boss at the taproom. The first shift she showed up to WORK was our first Thursday night open and not a single person showed up. Unbelievably she stayed for the whole shift with Pete and even came back the next week, where at least 2 people showed up. She’s never left us since and weve had some great times since then.

Hugh came into the bar last winter and Siggy said to him “Dude, you gotta try this. I mixed PITCH with your cold brew and it tastes frickin’ great.”.

From that day on it was called ‘THE SIG’. We vowed to next year make some.


We took some cold brew from Sandows. We took some cold brew from our kegs of PITCH. We blended it. It’s in keg format.

The result is a sexy cold-brew coffee / black ale blend thats full of caffeine AND alcohol and has a sexy cappuccino-froth head that doesn’t go away.

Were throwing a party to celebrate this Friday the 1st December at the taproom with the whole squad.

We’ll be getting on it from 5pm.

Hope to see you there