The story of London's fastest growing pale ale


This 6-grain unfiltered IPA is lightly first-wort hopped, then left alone until the last 20 minutes of its hot life where its smashed with a blend of some of the juiciest hops, then cooled down and innoculated with a proprietary yeast strain, developed by White Labs in Copenhagen (we'll never tell). Prior to attenuation, and again 72 hours thereafter, WORK gets 2 doses of dryhopping, right before it's graduated cold maturation phase, where it ends up lagering at 0ยบ C for the next 21 days. Bright, crisp, and low bitterness lets us enjoy pint after pint. We like it, and hope you do too. Keep it real.


Our new taproom is now open Thurs- Fri 5-11pm.

1348 Netil Lane,
E8 3RL

s Saturdays 12-11pm. Come in for a pint!

  • Forest Road: - WORK

  • Kernal - Table Beer

  • Five Points - Railway Porter

  • Hommelbier -Belgian IPA

  • Wines

  • Sauvignon Blanc - 2015 NZ

  • Tempranillo - 2014 ES

We also carry Bourbon Whisky, because we LOVE it.

beer science.

Our headbrewer Pete brewed professionally at 4 craft breweries in 2 countries over 7 years before devoting his experience and passion into developing the recipes for our beer. We ensure that our beers are made with the utmost care and attention to technical details, so that our drinkers can enjoy the most consistent quality craft beer we are capable of making, pint after pint. All of our beer is proudly brewed by Pete at Brouwerij Van Eecke in Flanders, Belgium while we locate a premise for our East London plant and brewpub, which we are currently in planning to open mid 2017


If your are interested in stocking our beer

please get in touch. +447456916973